Public Works and Water Development

Public Works Department

The mission of the Gate City Public Works department is to construct, maintain, preserve, and protect the infrastructure resources of the Town in the most cost-efficient and professional manner without sacrificing quality.

Major areas of responsibility include: stormwater and pavement management, improvements to Town infrastructure, refuse collection, snow and ice operations, maintenance of water and sewer lines, maintenance of Town buildings and grounds, maintenance of parks, and assisting with special town projects and events.

Our Public Works employees are:

Stoney Falin, Director of Public Works
Mark Falin
Gary Dougherty
Dale McConnell, Safety Coordinator
Benny Gibson
Tanya Nix

Water Treatment Plant

The Gate City owns and operates a Conventional Surface Water Treatment Facility that accomplishes treatment through various methods including the physical and chemical processes such as settling, filtration, disinfection and coagulation. The source water for the facility is from the Big Moccasin Creek.

The drinking water treatment facility is capable of delivering .5 million gallons of drinking water per day. The facility is currently staffed by four waterworks operators, licensed and certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

It is the mission of the Gate City Water Treatment Plant to provide our customers with a safe drinking water supply, water for fire protection, and an adequate supply of water for our essential daily needs. The department strives to supply high quality water to its customers that meets or exceeds all federal, state, and local requirements. Our goal is to produce and distribute our product in the most efficient way, while maintaining and upgrading the system to meet future requirements.

Our Water Plant Operators are:

Steve Rutherford, Chief Operator, Class I
Phone: (276) 386-3260

Wendell Daugherty, II, Class II
Tommy Roberts, Class I
Scott Mullins, Class I

The Town’s drinking water quality meets rigorous standards established and monitored by the Virginia Department of Health, The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and United States Environmental Protection Agency. We encourage you to read the Consumer Confidence Reports below that provide you with valuable information on the water quality.

Award Winning Performance

Ranked #1 out of 132 Water Plants in Virginia

Public Works and Water Development Documents


Stoney Falin

Director of Public Works

For assistance call City Hall:

(276) 386-3831

or for Water Leaks call:

(276) 386-3260